Saturday, October 15, 2011

Visual Healing - A powerful way to heal by the power of Jesus Christ !

I created Visual Healing from experience when I went searching for a cure to correct my son's epilepsy.

On July 7, 2011, I visited the Adoration Chapel of the Catholic Church where I attend services. The chapel was designed for the adoration of Jesus Christ. That's its main purpose.

I went there one morning to ask Jesus to heal a cancer patient that had reached me for prayers and holy water. While in the chapel, I also asked Jesus for help with my son. Both healing were effected, and if you want to read my article written on this particular event, please go to Ezine Articles below noted below. The article is titled, "Jesus Christ is alive and with us today!" Just click the link to the article and you will have it available.

You may also reach me for prayers, holy water, and visual healing on my email address: All of my services are a courtesy to the requester, including sending the holy water. My only request to any party asking for prayer, healing, and holy water, is that they believe in God and in Jesus Christ.